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Pirates Invade First UCC Second Life  

1st UCC Campus, Second Life -- The November themed dance party found members and friends invited to "party like a pirate." Partying Like a Pirate Event coordinator Marie Fairport did the decorating and her husband Kiva Fairport was DJ for the evening.  Speaking of the music played during the two-hour event, one party-goer remarked, "I never knew there were this many pirate songs!" 

A different themed dance event is held each month on First UCC's virtual campus.  Most events are held in the Club Diversity Ballroom on the top floor of the Worship Center building.  Those attending use the campus teleport system to get to the club.

Some of the planned events celebrate a particular time of year.  The December event will be the annual Christmas Party.  In February party-goers will dress up for the Snow Ball.  All social and worship events are listed on the campus events display on the main landing.  The church website calendar page also includes a complete events listing.