Religious Education


On this page you will find the notecards for our classes at First UCC Second Life.  The notecards are organized by class and appear in the order in which they are used.  Generally, there is one notecard for each week the class meets.

Our Bible and book study classes use seminary level material and are designed for the mature learner.  We do that in an effort to help our friends and members cultivate the tools needed to do Bible and religious topics study on their own.  We also believe that the underlying meanings in the ancient texts are best discovered in their historical and cultural context.  The classes are designed, however, to be a fun experience of discovery and no previous Bible study, religion study or experience is necessary.  Nor is it necessary to attend every week, although we suggest trying to attend regularly for the best experience and the greatest learning.  Each class is offered three times during the week to maximize as much as we can opportunities to participate.

A complete schedule of religious education classes, worship and other events can be found on our calendar page.

Class notes for classes not currently being offered are archived here.

UCC 101:  A Four-Session First Course in UCC History and Polity

March 6, 2018 through March 29, 2018

This short course is the first in a planned series of four courses designed to provide a comprehensive look at the UCC.  UCC 101 covers introductory material over a period of four weeks.  There are three sections of each class each week, one on Tuesdays at 8 a.m. SLT and two on Thursdays, 8 a.m. SLT and 5 p.m. SLT.  The class is intended for new and prospective members or anyone who is interested in knowing more about the United Church of Christ.  Instructor: Rev. Dr. Jerold Garber (Jerome Newstart).


Session 1 - March 6 and 8 Session 2 - March 13 and 15 Session 3 - March 20 and 22 Session 4 - March 27 and 29

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